The Simple Beauty of Japanese Tea & Yukatas

                                 (Traditional Japanese green tea & sweet)

On Monday, Marissa and I were invited to a coming of age ceremony for elementary school students. In a cleared classroom, students wore traditional yukatas and practiced correctly wearing and folding the fabric while reciting some words in Japanese. Watching the students meticulously fold the beautiful patterns made me appreciate a lot of the craft that Japanese people put into their work. This a country where neatness, promptness and respect are highly valued. After the ceremony, some kind Japanese women served us green tea and a delicious traditional Japanese sweet. I can’t show photos of my students out of respect of their privacy, but I can show pictures of my lovely teacup and how neatly it was presented to me, as well as two pics of a folded yukata and a small box of candy we received.

A folded yukata

Author: Sheila Burt


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