Three Little Things

1. Chestnut cream puffs (マロンショー)

The Japanese call cream puffs “shu cream,” and they are quite a popular dessert in Japan.  They also happen to be extremely delicious.  The puffs can be filled with any flavor cream, sometimes depending on the season.  On Thursday, which was a national holiday in Japan, I tried my first chestnut cream puff from a small cafe inside Toyama train station.  I am still licking my fingers.

2. Autumn colors (紅葉/こうよう)

I’ve written before how the Japanese celebrate each season with special festivals and events.  In autumn, the changing color of the leaves is called kouyou.  During this time, it is popular for families and couples to admire the autumn colors by taking a walk outside or in a mountainous area with many colors.  I took this picture while hiking near Mt. Kureha in Toyama.

3. Spiders

I don’t like spiders, and they don’t make me happy, but something about seeing them in nature made me think about their beauty.  Like artists and fashion designers, spiders work with their “hands,” the only “material” they have, to make intricate, stunning webs.

Author: Sheila Burt


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