Three Little Things

1. Mini pumpkin pies

Mini pumpkin pies

My multi-talented co-worker Miki-san made these mini pies last month to celebrate a birthday.  Pumpkin, or かぼちゃ, is a very popular ingredient in Japanese soups and desserts.  These pies were sweet, but not too sugary, and the flaky crust was simply delicious. おいしかったです!

2.  My So-Called Life

I recently started rewatching some episodes from this classic 1994 teen drama that follows the angst of Angela Chase, probably one of the most realistic and dimensional female teen characters ever written for TV.  I am surprised how well this show has aged.  Many of the episodes subtly and tastefully discuss race, poverty and homosexuality – issues that are still ignored by most mainstream TV shows.  From the theme song’s opening lines, “Go, now, go…”, I am still hooked 17 years later.  You can watch the entire season on YouTube starting here.

3. Railways

For those of you who have read any of my train stories, you might know I am fond of  trains and the stories that happen along train tracks.  Railways (or Crossroads) is a film shot around the Himi area of Toyama, which has one of the more scenic railways with unobstructed views of the Sea of Japan during parts of the journey.  Recently, I have started to see flyers around the prefecture promoting the movie.  The film tells the story of a 59-year-old train conductor set to retire and his rocky relationship with his wife. Watch the trailer for the film, and read more about it, here.

Author: Sheila Burt


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