Three Little Things (Spring Edition!)

It’s official – After another brutal, snow-filled winter, spring has finally come to Toyama!  Here are three little things that make Spring my favorite season in Japan.

1. Sakura

Sakura (cherry blossom trees), which start blooming as early as January in the far southern islands of Japan or as late as May in northern Hokkaido, came into full bloom in Toyama in mid-April.   うれしいですよ!I enjoyed a hanami party in Takaoka’s famed Kojo Park with some friends on a fine Sunday afternoon.

2. “Photo art” necklaces by Kurico

I bought these “photo art” necklaces by Japanese designer KURICO at the Toyama Art Fair in March, keeping one for myself and giving another to my sister for her birthday.  Even in the coldest of times, the images of flowers and cherry blossoms will remind me that Spring always comes.

3. Marathons

For me, spring in Japan means training time after being cooped up indoors for far too long.  Although I won’t be competing in my first 10K just yet, I’m excited to run my fourth 5K in Japan in late May.  This is a picture from the Uozu Shinkirou Marathon that I ran with my sister in April.  I ran quite slowly, but my sister came in 11th place!

Author: Sheila Burt


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