こんにちは! “Stories from the Inaka” is a blog about Chicago, my hometown, and Japan, my adopted home for three fascinating years.  The word inaka means countryside in Japanese. For three years, I was an English teacher in rural Japan. I lived in Namerikawa, Toyama as a teacher with the JET Program for two years and spent another year working for an English conversation school and translation company in Matsuyama, Ehime on Shikoku Island. Traveling to as many places around Japan as I could, I’ve seen the best and worst of Japanese culture. Prior to starting my position in Japan, I was a freelance journalist and local news reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Time Out Chicago, Gapers Block, and other publications.  I studied newspaper  journalism with a concentration in sociology and a minor in American history at Northwestern University. Some of my favorite stories involve seeing the American Dream from both an insider and outsider’s perspective — seeing when it succeeds, and when it fails, turning into what some have called, “The American Nightmare.”

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sheila! I stopped by Patrick and Katherine’s today to drop off a birthday gift for Brendan. Katherine told me about this blog…its AMAZING!! I had no idea you were doing this. Your words are poetic, and I very much enjoyed reading all of your work. I’m glad she told me about this, I wish you had : ) You are too modest. Simply incredible…

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