Train Stories # 6: The Fallen Glove

Japanese people are some of the most courteous people I have ever met. Customer service here is a way life and the standard compares to no other country I have visited. This ideal extends beyond stores, too. Rarely have I met a Japanese person who won’t go out of his or her way to help […]

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Train Stories #5: The Girls Who Screamed “Kawaii!”

Train Stories #5 – On most days,  with wild, unkept hair and pants that don’t always fit me properly, I generally think I look like a hot mess  – or a life-sized fuzzball walking down the street.  But because I am white, slender and have greenish eyes, a lot of teenage Japanese girls seem to […]

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The Howlin’ Wind

Winter has really hit Toyama this week. Every night, I make some chamomile tea and wrap a blanket around my shoulders.  Just as I get ready to take a sip of the steaming tea, I turn off any music or TV show and listen outside for just a few minutes. I always hear the  tempestuous […]

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