The Fleeting Beauty of Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Spring is my favorite time in Japan, mainly because for two fleeting  weeks, cherry blossoms emerge, luring the young and old outside to appreciate Japanese nature at its finest.  Although cherry blossom season is over in Matsuyama, traces of fallen blossoms remain on the ground, reminding me to appreciate things or people who won’t always be around.  Below are some of my favorite photos from this year’s hanami season in Ehime.


A couple relax under a cherry blossom tree along Ishite River, Matsuyama.


The elderly enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms.


Matsuyama’s famous ferris wheel as seen from atop Matsuyama Castle Park.


石手川公園松山 (Ishitegakoen train station, Matsuyama).


Dogo Park.


The view of the cherry blossoms along Ishite River Park as the sun sets.


Matsuyama Castle.


A man rests on a bench after biking along Ishite River Park, Matsuyama.


Nanrakuen Garden in Uwajima, Ehime.

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