Train Stories #4: The Woman with the Flowing Skirt

Japanese train stations are some of the most modern and efficient places I have ever seen, but here in the countryside, life moves at a slower pace.  Our trains are still generally on time and used by the masses for work and leisure, but many inaka train stations here are rustic and barren, minus the waiting […]

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Train Stories #3: The Man Who Cried Out

Fully recovered from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that destroyed the city and killed thousands in 1995, Kobe is a trendy Japanese port city in the Kansai region of the country.  With a population of about 1.5 million and close to Kyoto and Osaka, it is also one of the larger metropolises in Japan. I recently […]

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Train Stories #2: The Man Without a Violin

                                                                  (Namerikawa train station) My initial train story was about a Japanese man from Chiba visiting Toyama just after the earthquake and tsunami in March. On Monday, I had another interesting train encounter, though this time with an American man in Toyama for the summer. It is not often you see a foreigner in Toyama […]

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